When Good Habits Turn Bad

This lesson slapped me right across the face. As I lay on the floor, exhausted, dejected, wishing I could cry but knowing it would take too much energy, I was wondering what I had done wrong. This was my third long run that had fallen short of the goal in my marathon training. This could […]

Being a Better You!

I’m training to run a marathon, so I run a lot of miles, and I get lots of comments on that. Mostly, people ask, “How do you do it?” (I think they really want to know why.) Yesterday, as I left for my morning run, I was pondering this question, having just run 17 miles […]

Mental Toughness

I had been running casually for about a year (2 to 3 miles a couple of times a week) when I felt I needed a goal to my running. I decided to train for a marathon. I was so excited after my first 11 mile run. I had broken a barrier—I was a REAL runner! […]