Being a Better You!

I’m training to run a marathon, so I run a lot of miles, and I get lots of comments on that. Mostly, people ask, “How do you do it?” (I think they really want to know why.) Yesterday, as I left for my morning run, I was pondering this question, having just run 17 miles […]

Is Death Better Than This?

“If this is still happening in January,” I said (to no one), “I’m going to kill myself.” It was August 2013, and I was having one of my exhaustion spells, as I called them. I’d had a stroke in March that had left me with partial blindness and cognitive issues around vision. I couldn’t drive […]

My Stroke of Luck….or not?

Ten years ago today, I quit my job (as CFO of a billion dollar per year agency), left my emotionally abusive (second) husband, and enrolled in massage school. Everyone thought I was crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy! But something spoke to me and told me it was what I needed to do. When […]