Lessons from Folks

How to Change the World

  I was at a party, pregnant with my first child, when a drunk man I didn’t even know asked, “Why the hell would you want to bring a child into this horrible world?” I blurted out, “How do you know that my child won’t be the answer to what’s wrong with this world?” Jake […]

A Plea for a Loving (R)evolution

One of the gifts of my stroke was learning to truly love myself. When I had the stroke, I was single and living alone in a tiny apartment. Although I had lots of friends and family supporting me in ways that were overwhelmingly touching, at the end of the day (or most any other time […]

Pushing Vs Punishing (Love Yourself, People!)

We are in a society where being competitive is validated, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being competitive, and pushing yourself to be a better runner, worker, partner, parent, or person is an important part of life and growth. But when pushing yourself to be better becomes punishing yourself because you’re not “good enough,” that’s […]

Optical Illusions of the Blind

“I feel like I can’t trust what I see,” I told the occupational therapist who was teaching me how to be visually impaired and productive. “You’re right; you can’t,” she answered—which was not the answer I was looking for. After having a stroke that took part of my vision, I discovered that brains don’t like […]

Live. Learn. Repeat.

I began my coaching session thinking there was nothing on which I could possibly be coached. I’m pretty darn driven. I constantly strive to do more, be more, and achieve more. Also, I had reactive arthritis from which I was trying to recover. I was able to walk two miles most days, which is about […]

Lucky is as Lucky Does

“You’re so lucky!” We say this to others frequently. But what are we really saying? We are telling them that the sacrifices they made, the courage they exhibited, and the work they put into whatever it is that we envy doesn’t matter. It’s inconsequential. It was only luck that got them where they are. And […]

Wisdom from the Ocean

In doing research for a book I’m writing, I’ve been reading some old journals. This is a very meaningful entry from June of 2005, just before I quit my high falutin’ CFO job and started massage school. At the end of my morning walk on the beach, I felt an almost religious affinity with the […]